I heard Kled Mone ‘s music a while ago on a random sound surfing night in Soundcloud. You know how that goes. Click here, click there, some recommended traks, some similar to what you listen to. And BOOM! He was there. “After the Morning Sun” was the name of the track and he did this one a year ago. I was like WTF? Then I saw that he is a fellow country man (Greece) and also comes from where I come from, the beautiful city of Thessaloniki. And that was that about 3-4 months ago. Saved on my favorites and moved on. Some days ago, he put out his on interpretation of “I See Fire” from Ed Sheeran. That was it for me. I reached out and after several Skype calls, we became friends. I consider Kled Mone one of the most underestimated musicians I know. Better be a cool underdog than an idiot top-dog, right?

Paul Gilmore


01. The Das – Miami Waters
02. Leonid Gnip – Happy Birthday Diana (Dub Mix)
03. Ibiza Sunset Project ft. Frank Zander & Criss Tonino – Feeling The Waves
04. Him_Self_Her ft. Calder – Don’t Fail Me Now
05. Sweepers – Around You (Dub Mix)
06. Super Sky – Reign Leftover
07. Leix & Hitch – Mr. Slade (Original Mix)
08. Jimi Jules – Earl
09. Paolo Mojo – Dark Place

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